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Project Title: Lost heritage
Edmonton is a city with a rich history, but unfortunately, recent actions by our leaders have put that history in jeopardy.
We are looking for:
- Script writer
- designers
- Architects 
- Historians 
- 2nd DP 
- On location audio 
- Grip 
- Light
- Set designer
- Production assistant​​​​​​​
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Thank you!
Episode Outline:
1. "Gone landmarks"
This episode explores some of the city's iconic buildings and landmarks that have been lost to time, including the original Hudson's Bay building and the Rossdale Power Plant. It delves into the historical significance of these sites and the stories they hold, and raises questions about the importance of preserving such landmarks for future generations.
2. "Lost Neighborhoods"
This episode looks at the history of some of the city's lost neighborhoods, which were demolished or displaced during various urban renewal efforts. It examines how these changes impacted the city's social and cultural fabric, and raises questions about how the city can balance preservation with development moving forward.
3. "The Business of Boom"
This episode explores the early development of Edmonton's oil and gas industry, and how it transformed the city's economy and culture. It highlights how the city has diversified in recent years, with a growing focus on technology and innovation, and discusses the potential for further growth in these areas.
4. "Hidden Gems"
This episode uncovers some of the city's lesser-known historic sites and landmarks, from hidden murals to forgotten cemeteries. It emphasizes the importance of preserving these sites as part of the city's cultural heritage, and suggests ways in which the city can better promote and celebrate them.
5. "Pioneers and Progress"
This episode profiles some of the city's early pioneers and their contributions to Edmonton's development. It speaks to the city's rich history and how it has informed its present identity, and raises questions about how the city can continue to honor and celebrate its past as it looks toward the future.
6. "Building for the Future"
This episode looks at the current and future development of the city, with a focus on sustainable design and urban planning. It explores how the city can continue to grow and evolve while maintaining its unique character and sense of place, and highlights some of the innovative approaches being taken to achieve this goal.
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